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West Virginia Death Records

West Virginia death records are provided by the Vital Registration Office, which is a division of the West Virginia Health Statistics Center. This information may be released to authorized individuals. Another option for people who would like to receive vital records for WV is to visit a website which can provide it to the public for a fee.

Who Can Order WV Death Records

Death records may only be ordered by the following individuals:

  • Husband or wife of the deceased
  • Deceased’s parents or grandparents
  • Children or grandchildren of the deceased
  • A person who has a legal interest in the death record

West Virginia Death Records Search

Start 14-Day Free Trial

ID Required to Order a Death Record

If you want to order a death record, you will need to provide an accepted form of ID, such as:

  • State-issued Driver’s License
  • U.S. or Foreign Passport
  • Photo ID from Government Program
  • Military ID Card

You can also use two of the following documents to prove your identity:

  • Motor Vehicle Registration
  • Major Credit Card
  • Social Services Program Card
  • Recent Utility Bill (in your name)

Fee to Order West Virginia Death Records

The fee to order a death record is $12.00. This amount includes a non-refundable search fee. If a computerized search does not reveal the record, Vital Registration Office staff will search the year before and after the one specified in the application. If the exact date of death isn’t known, you can request one or more additional searches in three-year periods.

Order a WV Death Record in Person

In-person requests for death records are accepted at the Vital Records Office, located at:
350 Capitol Street
Charleston, WV 25301

If you make your request in person, you may be able to receive the copy of the death record in about 15 minutes. The busiest time of day at the office is between 11:30 a.m-1:00 p.m., and it may take longer to process your request if you stop in during this time.

Order a West Virginia Death Certificate by Mail

Mail orders can be sent to
Vital Registration
Room 165
350 Capitol Street
Charleston, WV 25301-3701

You will need to include a copy of your ID, as well as the required fee. Once the request is received, the normal processing time is five days. You will also need to allow for the time to receive your order by return mail. Please allow five to 19 business days or longer to receive your order.

Order a WV Death Certificate Online, by Phone or Fax

Orders may be placed on an expedited basis online, by phone or fax. The state has arranged for an independent company to perform this function. Major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover) as well as debit cards are accepted.

The payment processing company charges a fee for all orders, and you will also be charged for shipping. Non-rush orders cost an additional $30.50, while rush orders cost $35.50 each.

You can also order a West Virginia death record from a website which can access this information from an online database if you wish. This option is a quick and easy way to obtain the record you are looking for.