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Oregon Death Records

Oregon death records may be ordered from the Center for Health Statistics. This office issues death records from 1903 to the present. You can also order them from a website specializing in providing vital records to consumers for a fee.

Who Can Order Oregon Death Records

Access to death records is restricted for 50 years after the date of death. During that time, they may be ordered by immediate family members or a legal representative acting on behalf of an immediate family member of the deceased. A person who is not eligible to order a record personally may do so on presentation of a note with the notarized signature of an eligible person included on it.

ID Required to Order Vital Records

You must show valid ID, such as a driver’s license, when ordering a death record in Oregon.

Oregon Death Records Search

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For more details regarding orders of these documents call or mail:

The Center for Health Statistics & Vital Records
800 NE Oregon Street, Suite 205
Portland, OR 97232
Phone: 971-673-1190
Fax: 503-234-8417

Fee to Order Death Records

The fee to order a first copy of a death record in OR is $20.00. This amount is non-refundable. Each additional copy of the same record (ordered at the same time) is $15.00. Checks and money orders may be made payable to OHA/Vital Records.

Telephone, online or credit card orders cost $32.50 for the first record. Additional copies of the same record are $15.00. Credit card customers may request overnight delivery by UPS Next Day Air or US Postal Service. The exact amount charged for this service will depend on the vendor, delivery address, and the service chosen.

Order Oregon Death Records in Person

Visit the Vital Records Office between the hours of 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. The average wait time for an order is 15-20 minutes. If you do not have a driver’s license, you can use a passport or student ID for this purpose. Alternative forms of ID accepted by the state include (you will need three of them, one showing your current address):

  • Corrections Department papers
  • Vehicle Registration documents
  • Personalized check
  • Pistol or Firearms Permit
  • State Hunting or Fishing License
  • Company ID Card
  • Voter Registration Card
  • Hospital Card of Identification
  • Auto Insurance Policy
  • Union Membership Card
  • Tax Statement

Order Death Records by Mail

Send your request for a death record to:
Oregon Vital Records
PO Box 14050
Portland, OR 97293-0050

You will need to include the required fee, as well as a copy of your ID. Processing and delivery time for mail orders is between three and five weeks.

Order Oregon Death Records Online

The state of Oregon does not process online orders directly. It has arranged with a third party to process payments by credit card. The non-refundable fee of $32.50 includes a quick processing fee of $12.50.

Order Death Records by Phone

Phone orders will be processed by the same company which looks after online orders for death records. The fee is $32.50 and the record will be sent by regular mail the same day or next business day.

If you would like to order Oregon death records, you can do so by visiting a commercial website which is linked to an online database.