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Mississippi Death Records

Mississippi death records can be ordered from the state Department of Health. This office maintains death records dating from November 1912. Records earlier than that may be obtained from the Mississippi Department of Archives and History. Another option for people who want to order the Mississippi death record is to contact a website which can access this information through an online database for a fee.

Restrictions on Ordering Death Records in Mississippi

Death records in MS are private and may only be released to the deceased’s spouse, parents, children, grandparents or siblings. A legal guardian or representative may also apply for a death record.

When ordering a death record, the applicant must provide a copy of one of the following forms of ID:

  • Driver’s license
  • State-issued ID (with photo
  • Employment ID card
  • School, University or College ID
  • US Military ID
  • Permanent Resident Card
  • Temporary Resident Card
  • US Passport

Mississippi Death Records Search

Start 14-Day Free Trial

If the request is being made by a legal guardian, the applicant must provide proof of guardianship with the application. Legal representatives requesting copies of death records must include:

  • Client’s name
  • Attorney bar number
  • Relationship to the registrant

Fee for Ordering MS Death Record

The fee for the first copy of a certified copy of a death record is $15.00. Additional copies ordered at the same time cost $5.00 each.

Order a Mississippi Death Record in Person

You can order a Mississippi death record in person by going to the Vital Records office at:

Underwood Building
571 Stadium Drive
Jackson, Mississippi
Telephone: (601) 576-7981

The office is open between 8 a.m and 4:30 p.m. Accepted payment methods are cash, check, or money order. The record will be sent out by mail in 7-10 business days following receipt of the order.

Order a Mississippi Death Record by Mail

To order a MS death record by mail, send a completed application form to

Public Health Statistics
P.O. Box 1700
Jackson, MS 39215-1700

The application form must be signed and a copy of your photo ID must be provided. Accepted payment methods for mail orders are personal checks, money orders or cashier’s checks payable to “Mississippi Vital Records.”

Order a Mississippi Death Record by Phone or Online

Ordering a Mississippi death record from a website linked to an online database is an easy and convenient way to access this information. You can conduct a search at any time of the day and find out whether the record you are looking for exists before paying to have it retrieved and sent to you.