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Louisiana Death Records

Louisiana death records are maintained by the state Vital Records Registry. Under state law, death records are kept confidential until 50 years after the person has passed away. After that point death records are available at the Louisiana State archives. Another option for people who are looking for death records in Louisiana is to order one from a commercial website, and this is the best choice if you want to access a record quickly.

Identification Required to Order a Louisiana Death Certificate

Since death records in Louisiana are not a matter of public record, you will need to produce acceptable ID before you will be able to order a copy. A valid state-issued driver’s license or U.S. military identification card may be used for this purpose, as well as a Certificate of Naturalization or Citizenship.

Louisiana Death Records Search

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If you don’t have one of the forms of identification mentioned in the paragraph above, two of the following may be used to prove your identity instead:

  • Student identification with a 100 percent fee paid receipt for the current semester
  • W-2 form issued within the past two years
  • Original adoption papers
  • Official deed or title to a property
  • Insurance policy issued in the applicant’s name
  • Title certificate to a vehicle
  • Payroll stub (including name and Social Security Number of applicant)
  • US. military dependent card
  • Certified true copy of Voter’s Registration
  • Original DD-214 Military Discharge document

How to Order a Louisiana Death Record

Louisiana death records may be ordered in person at the Vital Records Central office. You can make your request in person at:

1450 Poydras Street
Suite 400
New Orleans, LA 70112
(504) 593-5100

Another option for obtaining a death record in Louisiana is to mail a request, including a copy of your photo identification and the required fee, to:

Vital Records Registry
PO Box 60630
New Orleans, LA 70160

The death record will be delivered within two-four weeks.

Expedited delivery service is available to consumers on request. An extra fee will be charged in this instance as well.

Fees for Ordering a Louisiana Death Certificate

If you would like to order a Louisiana death certificate, the fastest way to obtain the information may be to visit a web site which can link to an online database. You would pay by credit card or other accepted payment method to receive the information right away.