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Georgia Death Records

Georgia death records are available from the state’s Department of Public Health. They are only issued to people who have a direct interest in obtaining this information, such as the deceased’s family members or a legal representative acting on the family’s behalf. You also have the option of placing an order online through an independent web site if you wish to order a copy of a death record.

Information Required to Obtain a Death Certificate in Georgia

To place an order for Georgia death record, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Deceased’s full name
  • Date of death
  • Place of death
  • Age of the deceased at the time he or she passed away
  • Gender
  • Race (optional)
  • Number copies being requested

Georgia Death Records Search

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You also need to indicate your relationship to the deceased and sign your request before can be processed.

If you wish to order a certified copy of a fetal death certificate, call the state office at (404) 679-4702 for information.

Georgia Death Record Fees

Under state law, you will be required to pay a fee in advance when requesting a Georgia death record. This amount is not refundable and records are sent out by first-class mail.

The fee for one certified copy of a death record is $25. If you wish to order additional copies of the same record at the same time, you will pay an additional $5.00 for each one.

If you’re not sure of the exact year of death, you can request that a multi-year search be conducted. For each three-year period (or portion thereof), you will be charged $25.00.

Where to Get Georgia Death Records

Certified copies of death records in Georgia are available from the Vital Records Office. This information is also available from the county where the death took place. The county and state offices offer counter service where records may be ordered in person. the Georgia state office is open on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5:45 p.m.

The Georgia Vital Records Office is located at:
2600 Skyland Drive NE
Atlanta, GA 30319-3640
(404) 679-4702

To order a certified copy by mail. simply write a letter listing the information required to to obtain a Georgia death certificate and mail it to the address listed above. Death Certificate Request Forms are available from the Vital Records office if you prefer to fill one out.

Death certificates are not available through e-mail. Under state law, a search request must be signed and paid for in advance.

If you would like to order a Georgia death certificate but do not want to wait to receive the information by regular mail, you still have the option of visiting a website which can access an online database to provide you with this information.