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Canada Death Records

In Canada, death records are not under federal jurisdiction. Each province issues certificates, and you would have to contact the one corresponding to the location where the death occurred to order a copy. You can also order the records you are looking for online. Commercial websites which are linked to an online database can provide you with the information for a fee.

Alberta Death Records

Alberta death records from 1906 on can be obtained from a local Registry Agent office. You can also get information and place orders by contacting:

Alberta Registries
Vital Statistics
P.O. Box 2023
Edmonton. AB
T5J 4W7

Canada Death Records Search

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British Columbia Death Records

British Columbia death records are available from 1872 to present. You can send your request to:

British Columbia Vital Statistics Agency
P.O. Box 9657, Stn. Prov. Govt.
Victoria, BC
V8W 9P3


Death records in Manitoba dating from 1882 are provided by:

Vital Statistics
Manitoba Family Services
254 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, MB
R3C 0B6

Newfoundland and Labrador

To order death records from Newfoundland and Labrador dating from 1892 onward, contact the Vital Statistics office at:

Government Service Centre
Department of Government Services and Lands
5 Mews Place
PO Box 8700
St. John’s, NL
A1B 4J6

Northwest Territories

Northwest Territories death records date from 1925, and some of them may be incomplete. Contact the following office for more information or to place an order:

Registrar General of Vital Statistics
Department of Health and Social Services
Bag No. 9
Inuvik, NT
X0A 0T0


Death records in Nunavut are kept from April 1, 1999 on. Before that time, Nunavut was part of the Northwest Territories. If you are looking for recent death records, you would get in touch with:

Registrar General
Vital Statistics
Government of p
Rankin Inlet, NT
X0C 0G0

Records of deaths which occurred before April 1, 1999 can be obtained from the Registrar General in the Northwest Territories at:

Department of Health and Social Services
Bag No. 9
Inuvik, NT
X0A 0T0


In Ontario, death records are issued by the Registrar General. You can contact this office to place an order at:

PO Box 4600
Thunder Bay, ON
P7B 6L8

Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island has been registering births, marriages and deaths since 1906. You would get information about them from:

Prince Edward Island Vital Statistics
Health and Community Services Agency
P.O. Box 3000
Charlotte, PE
C0A 1R0


Quebec death records from 1900 on can be obtained from:

Ministère de la Justice
Directeur de l’etat civil
2535, boulevard Laurier
Sainte-Foy, QC
G1V 5C5


The Vital Statistics Unit, Department of Health holds Saskatchewan death records. The Unit can provide records dating from 1895 on and can be contacted at:

Information Sciences Corporation (ISC)
1301 1st Avenue
Regina, SK
S4R 4H2


The Yukon Territory has death records dating from 1898, however these may be incomplete. More complete records are available from the 1940s on. Send your request to”

Vital Statistics Agency
Government of the Yukon Territory
PO Box 2703
Whitehorse, YT
Y1A 2C6

Rather than take the time to contact a specific provincial or territorial office to order a death record in Canada, a more efficient choice is to order the record you need from a commercial website.