When available, death records include:

Find out about someone's:

  • - Date and location of death
  • - Cause of death
  • - Cemetery and obituary listings
  • - Surviving relatives

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Death Records Search

Death records can be readily accessed online. These public records contain information taken from obituaries published in print and online versions of newspapers, death notices and death certificates. Information about the location of the cemetery where the deceased was laid to rest may also be available.

These records can provide a lot of information about the person who has died, including the circumstances surrounding the death. A death record search will also reveal personal information about the deceased’s family members, such as the name and age of the surviving spouse and any living children. Once the death record for a person has been located, other records may be attached to it, such as the individual’s birth or military records. This wealth of information can be very useful to someone who is looking for information to add to or develop a family tree.

Death Records Search

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It is possible to find free death records which provide a good level of information, but an Internet user will need to be patient and diligent to find them. If you know the person’s full name and the county or district where he or she died, the best way to find this information is to contact the agency responsible for maintaining vital statistics in the state where the deceased lived. These offices will likely have the most recent (and reliable) records.

There are a number of ways you can order a person’s death record. If you are contacting a state office for this information, you have the option of requesting the information by mail, fax, online or from an on-site computer terminal. If you live nearby, a quick and easy way to obtain a copy of someone’s death record is by going to the office personally.

An alternative for people who want to access the death records quickly is to visit a commercial Internet site which can provide the requested information quickly. If you don’t want to wait to get the requested death record from a state office, you can conduct a record search online, pay for the information with a credit card or other accepted payment method, and receive it immediately. Before you decide to pay for a death record online, make sure that you check out the company providing the information by visiting the Better Business Bureau website.

Other tips which can help you find a reputable online source for death records are as follows:

1. Make sure the site offers a money-back guarantee to its customers.
2. Check to see if the company offers telephone or live chat support in case you run into difficulty when trying to place an order.

Another way you can find out whether a commercial site is a good choice for ordering death records is to see whether it ranks well on review sites. The people reviewing various sites will point out the advantages and disadvantages of different sites which can provide death records electronically Consumers can use these reviews to choose a reputable site.