When available, death records include:

Find out about someone's:

  • - Date and location of death
  • - Cause of death
  • - Cemetery and obituary listings
  • - Surviving relatives

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Obituaries Record

Obituaries are more than just Death Notices. In fact, one of the most meaningful acts you can fashion for a dear person who has just passed away is by putting up an obituary. It’s an excellent way to pay homage if the deceased was an accomplished figure.

Done appropriately, obituaries can actually counter grief by celebrating a well-lived life. Modern-day obituaries record are rather colorful as compared to those of old which were plain and concise, simply stating the name of deceased, the date of birth and death and the cause of it.

Obituaries Record

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Apart from the notification of a death and the information on the ensuing memorial and burial matters, obituaries are a biographical account of the deceased. They detail the deceased’s background, education, military and community service and so forth. Information pertaining to family members will also be presented. Although rare, it is possible to find negative aspects of the subject’s life such as criminal history and other brushes with the Law.

Obituaries are inherently part of Death Records. And like them, obituaries are meant to be posthumous albeit not quite strictly so these days. Over the years, be it for reasons of practicality or convenience, preparing premature obituaries when the subject person is still alive has gained popularity. This is especially so when the actual arrival of the anticipated occasion is expected to be overwhelming or packed.

With the advent of the internet, newspapers are gradually being supplanted by online bulletins in the posting of obituaries. They are usually written and published by someone close and who knows the deceased well. Accounts of the deceased’s life are shared for the purpose of information, or recognition if you may, instead of just letting them pass away together with the physical being for good.

Obituary Records have caught on in recent times due to the boosted availability of public information in general and ease of retrieval. They are a popular resource with Genealogists and Family Tree Researchers, along with other casual uses in our daily life. Obituary records used to be individually archived at news centers, publishing agencies, libraries and institutions of learning under very niche profile but in addition to that nowadays, there are national archives and commercial record databases with millions of obituary entries enjoying brisk enquiries and patronage.

Obituary records are public records and are hence best sourced from commercial record providers for all the known and documented reasons. But not all public record providers are created equal particularly for a category like obituary. Since obituary records are associated with death, it would be well-advised to use record providers who are specialized on Death Records. Archives.com is one such highly-regarded provider in this field.